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A growing collection of guides and videos from our gardening experts.
Bulb and Plant Sizes
Bulb & Perennial Storage and Planting Information
Bulbs & Perennials - What should my order look like?
What to expect when your order arrives.
Frost Dates
The first and last frost dates for regions in Canada and the USA.
Hardiness Zones
North American climate maps and links for planning your garden.
Gardening Terms Defined
Definitions of gardening terms used throughout the website.
Lily Beetle Info & Tips
Mantis Owner's Manuals
Pest Management Guide
Find out which products to use to effectively control pests in your garden.
Some of our favourite recipes using fruits and vegetables from the garden.
Rose Descriptions and Classifications
Vegetable Gardening
Tips and advice for planting and growing vegetables.
Vegetable Planting Chart
Veseys GMO Policy and Organic Certification